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us-passport4Applying for an Australian tourist visa may not be something you wouldd put on your "to do" list when planning your upcoming trip to Australia. But, a wise traveler will not only check to be sure their passport is current, but will also check into any additional visa requirements before entering Australia.

A visa is typically an addition to a blank page of your existing passport. It's certification provided by the applicable country which verifies that you have met their entrance requirements. Every country has different visa qualifications and citizenship also influences what rules apply. For U.S. citizens, a tourist visa is required for visits which involve sightseeing, recreational or social events such as visiting friends. This visa is not applicable for working in Australia.

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Australia has a tourist visa available called an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Tourist Visa and which is available to a specific list of countries. The United States is on this list and U.S. citizens can take advantage of this convenient application system. The ETA Tourist visa is good for a 3 month visit each time you arrive in Australia and lasts for 1 year. The ETA Tourist visa does not require an application form or a stamp in your passport booklet. When you apply for an ETA Tourist Visa, it is linked to your existing passport number.

To apply for an ETA visa visit the web site for the Australian Visa Bureau. There you'll find a link to an online application form. Have your passport handy for each person who will need a visa. Payment is made electronically and the site accepts Visa, and MasterCard as well as various types of debit cards. The application price for U.S. citizens is $31.94. Processing is instant as long as there are no question regarding the information provided and there are no criminal convictions in your past.

Holding an is a commitment on your part stating you have agreed to the rules and laws of this specific type of visa. A tourist visa does not allow you to work in Australia, but volunteer work of a limited nature is permitted. You must not be infected with tuberculosis during or upon entry into Australia. You will not be allowed into the country on an ETA Tourist visa if you have any criminal convictions. If you do, you may apply for a Tourist visa (subclass 676) in lieu of an ETA Visa. Also, ETA Tourist visa holders over the age of 11 who plan on spending over 4 weeks studying in a classroom may need a chest x-ray before beginning this study period.

As a U.S. citizen, applying for an Australian tourist visa is relatively easy and quick. Once you've submitted your application and had your visa approved, you'll find entry to this beautiful and welcoming country easy and hassle free.

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