Emergency Passport


us-passport4The need for an emergency passport is rare. Most people never need to obtain a passport in a few days. Should you need a passport quickly rest assured that there are agencies to help you.

Application: Passport applications must be filled out and presented in person at a Passport Agency or Acceptance Facility. Some of these locations include libraries, government offices and libraries. You must provide all the information and documentation that is required for a standard passport.

Photographs: Two small photographs measuring two inches by two inches of just your face and shoulders are required prior to submission of your passport application. Many passport facilities offer this service. Check with the agency that you plan to submit your application to before you arrive for your appointment.

Fees: There are two fees associated with obtaining a passport; the application fee and the execution fee. These fees must be paid in full when you apply for your passport. If your application is denied these funds are non-refundable. These fees on average are $130. This fee does not include any visa fees; it only covers your passport.

Visa Fee: Before traveling outside the country it is important to have the proper Visa pages with your passport. Occasionally there are additional fees for passport Visas. Check with the State Department before you head to your passport appointment.

Rush Passport: The State Department as well as many private agencies provide to those who need it. This service will cost an additional $50 to $200 over the standard application fee. It is possible with these services to have your passport in hand in a few days. Consider this option carefully. Private companies charge more for their services than obtaining an expedited passport through the State Department, however for those who don't have the time to handle the details themselves, a service may just be a lifesaver.

Immunizations: While it is not always necessary to show proof of immunizations when you apply for a passport, you will need to have them before you are allowed to depart. The State Department and the CDC will provide current required inoculations for the country you want to visit.

While the need for an emergency passport may never arise, knowing that a passport can be obtained in a few days or weeks can be reassuring.

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