Emergency Passport


us-passport4Should you find that you need an Emergency Passport rest easy knowing that there are ways to obtains one. The process for obtaining an fast passport is the same as applying for a regular passport. The difference in most cases will be the cost.

Application Interview: Expedited passports require a face-to-face interview with a passport agent. Appointments are required for these interviews. Passport facilities can be found in every city. Libraries, post offices, and government buildings house passport agencies. Larger cities have Acceptance Facilities as well as passport agencies.

Documentation: Everyone who applies for a passport must bring identification and documentation. Application forms available online must also be filled out and brought to the interview. Photo identification can be a valid driver's license, state identification card or a military identification card. Everyone has to provide a birth certificate and social security card. Expired passports, citizenship or naturalization documents are accepted. Both parents, even if divorced are required to be present when applying for a passport for their child. Copies of all documents must be provided by the applicant at their interview.

Photographs: Everyone who applies for a passport must provide two, two-inch by two-inch passport photographs. Some passport agencies and acceptance facilities provide this service for a fee. Ask the agency if they provide this service when you call to make your appointment. Many one-hour photo locations and in-store photography studios offer passport photos in one hour. Some Walgreens also provide a passport photo service.

You can also provide your own using a digital camera and high quality photo paper. The background must be light in color and blank. The photo should be of your head and shoulders only. Do not wear a hat or head covering.

Fee: The current fee for a passport application and execution is $120 U.S. Dollars. A child's passport will cost $95 U.S. Dollars. These funds must be paid at the time of your application. Payment methods include cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express credit cards. Certified, travelers and personal checks made out to the Department of State are also accepted. Money orders and bank drafts will also be accepted. All funda are non-returnable even if your application is denied.

Rush Passport Service: Expediting your passport application will reduce the amount of time from the application to the receipt of your passport. In some situations, your passport can be obtained in a few days instead of weeks. Some will even offer to get you a 24-hour passport or same day passport. Standard expedition fees are $60 U.S. Dollars payable at the time of your application. Overnight secured shipping fees will also apply.

Currently that rate is $14.85 for overnight track-able delivery. Expedition service agencies can help reduce the time required to obtain a passport. These services can add $100 to $300 U.S. Dollars to the cost of your passport, but for those who do not have a lot of time to spend on details, these rush passport services can be lifesavers.

There is a State Department toll free number where you can be advised on additional steps or services available to you. Emergency passports are easy to obtain if you're prepared.

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