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us-passport4An expedited passport is easy to obtain. The cost however will be two to four times more expensive than a regular passport. Normally, it takes from four to six weeks to receive a passport, while an expedited passport may take one to three weeks. You will have to decide if your need justifies the expense to have your passport application expedited.

Forms: In addition to the standard DS-11 passport application form you might need additional forms to expedite your application. If you have a valid passport and need to change your name because of a marriage or divorce form DS-82 will be required if your passport if more than one year old. If your passport was issued less than one year from your name change, form DS-5504 will be needed.

You may need additional visa pages for an existing passport, which requires form DS-4085. These forms are available online at the State Departments web site. Filled out online and printed, or printed and then filled out by hand, these un-signed forms must be with you when you apply in person for your passport interview.

Application Interview: If your passport is valid and your are requesting expedited service due to a name change or additional visa pages you will not need to appear in person. If the expedited service is requested for a first-time passport or an expired one you will need to apply in person at a passport agency or application facility. You must make an appointment before you arrive in person. Contact a passport agency in your area by first looking on the State Departments web site for the one nearest you.

Documentation: Documentation is required for all passport applications. You probably already have these documents. They are birth certificates, photo identification, marriage licenses and divorce papers for example. Other documents may be required. Check the documentation requirements with the State Department before your appointment. You are responsible for providing copies of all these documents when you arrive for your interview.

Denial: Passport applications are denied regularly. Some denials are corrected easily. Others can take weeks. People who are delinquent with child support payments will be denied a passport until the situation is resolved. Owing back taxes to the federal government is another reason a passport application is denied. Both situations take months to correct. Check passport disqualifications on the State Departments web site before you submit an application.

Fees: There are agencies that, for a fee, will help expedite a passport application. The State Department also provides rush passport services. Using the State Departments expedition service will cost between $60 and $100 plus traceable two-way overnight shipping charges. Private fast passport agencies charge fees of $50 to $250 dollars to shorten the time to a couple of weeks. However, for those with a crazy schedule, this may be the best way to go.

You can choose to apply for an expedited passport yourself or hire an agency to help. Whichever one you choose can shorten the time between application and receipt of your passport by two to three weeks.

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