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greencardA growing problem in today's world of identity theft is the rapid production in the fake green card market. A phony green card can be the only option for some illegal aliens wishing to acquire employment or residency status. This could be because of previous criminal history, method of entry into the United States, or because eligibility requirements for the legal green card could not be met.

The majority of illegal green cards have a valid social security number attached to them, even though the social security numbers were obtained illegally. In most production rings, the first necessity is to have a list of valid social security numbers. Having a valid social security number on a fake green card will keep authorities from getting suspicious.

However, this can cause a much larger problem for the individual who holds the phoney green card if the social security number is ever checked. If you are fraudulently using a valid social security number, the government can add many additional charges to any indictment. Similarly, you should notify authorities if you suspect someone of having a fake green card.

In most banking and financial institutions, employees are trained to recognize the difference between a valid and illegal green card. With the proper training and knowledge, a fraudulent green card can be easy to detect.

Many features of the green card were implemented to make it more difficult to produce fraudulent copies. Someone who knows what to look for can detect a counterfeit green card. Some obvious things to look for that could suggest a fake green card are raised edges or evidence of tampering, double lamination, or contrast in general appearance of the picture compared to the individual.

Double lamination could suggest that someone tampered with the information and then resealed the card. But it could also be a home repair job for a damaged card, so use discretion when lodging any accusations.

Another feature that could mean the green card is a fake is if the background of the card does not look like a regular green card. The United States Government implemented a security feature printed onto the paper before lamination, this security feature is nearly impossible for most fraud rings to replicate.

Skilled forgers, with a sophisticated knowledge of replicating green cards, could easily counterfeit even this feature. With close training though, most experienced handlers can still detect this difference in this feature because it still looks slightly different.

If caught by the authorities with a illegal green card, in addition to being deported, you could face harsh and serious criminal punishment. Individuals convicted of this charge will not only face being deported, but they will never again be permitted to enter the United States.

Following proper green card procedures will enable you to obtain residency status through a legal process. By doing this and maintaining proper status after you receive your green card, you won t have to worry about the penalties you could face with a fake green card.

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