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us-passport4Some people often run a search on "get as passport" when they are looking to apply for a passport. What they usually mean is "get a passport" or "get a ". Here, you will find the information you need to get a new passport.

How to Apply: The application process for a US passport is a relatively straightforward one if all forms and documents are in order when lodging it. The first step would be to locate the passport agency nearest to you. This can be done by checking off the State Department passport website at, or simply looking it up from the governmental department listings in a phone book. An application form must be completed, and once again, this can be found on the website or available at a passport agency.

Three sets of documents must be attached to the application. The first would be proof of US citizenship. This could be submitted in the form of photocopies of your birth certificate, Naturalization Certificate, or Certificate of Citizenship. Next, there must be a photocopy of identification that you must present on the day of application if you are applying in person. These include driver's licenses, government IDs or military IDs.

Finally, you must include 2 copies of your passport photo, following the stipulated guidelines. The photo must be full-faced without obscuring objects such as hats or sunglasses, and against a white background. It must also be 2x2 inches, identical and taken recently within the last 6 months.

When all forms are completed and documents collated, the application can be made. If you are mailing it in, remember to fill in a valid mailing address so that your passport can be sent to you.

Applying through Mail: People who are renewing their passport are eligible to send an application through the mail. However, if you are applying for your first passport, or a minor under the age of 16, then your application should be made in person at a passport agency. If your previous passport had been lost, stolen or damaged, the application should also be lodged in person. Other than these few groups, everyone else can apply for a new passport through the mail.

When to Apply: The processing time stated on the website is 4-6 weeks, or 2-3 weeks for expedited service. However, to play if safe, the application should be lodged 8-10 weeks before the trip to take into account any delays.

Cost: The cost for adult passport application is US$100, and US$85 for minors.

After the application forms and documents are submitted, you can check the status of your application through the State Department website. This can be done 5-7 days after the passport application is put through. It is easy to get a passport, and start planning your vacation!

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