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us-passport4You are ready to apply for your very first green card, yet you have a lot of green card questions as the application process can be confusing. The green card service of the U.S. provides a way for members of other countries to live and work here. This card is officially known as a "U.S. Permanent Residence Card".

Many visitors to the United States such as those from Ireland, Australia, and the UK often wish to work full time in this country. Or, they may have relatives who have permanent status or are U.S. citizens and wish to join them. Lesser known reasons for applying for a green card are for asylum or as a refugee.

Green Card for Work: If you're seeking a green card to get a job, your prospective employer will need to do most of the work. Being approved for employment in the U.S. requires that you or your employer prove that there are not any qualified citizens of the U.S. who would be able to perform the work you're being hired for. Your employer will need to apply for a certification of labor then file "Form I-140, Immigration Petition for Alien Worker".

Green Card for Family: If you're requesting a green card in order to join relatives, either you or your family member can submit an application on your behalf. Those who are single children of permanent residents or United States citizens are the most likely to be approved. If you're a widow of a US citizen or permanent resident or related in some other way, you may qualify but your priority for selection will be lower. Additional relationships are listed so be sure to read everything carefully to see if you qualify.

The application for a green card must be submitted via the internet. It is free to apply for a green card, so watch out for other web sites which try to charge for this service. There will be a fee later once your card has been approved, but not for the initial application. The one exception to this advice is if you actually hire a green card submission service to do the work for you.

Once your application has been submitted, you'll be entered into what is known as a green card lottery. This US green card lottery is one that picks, at random, those who have met the qualifications for a green card. Since only 50,000 green cards are given out each year, and the yearly demand is always higher, the lottery system gives all persons get a fair chance. Those who are selected will receive a postal letter from the Department of State. If you'd like to check on your status in the meanwhile, the State Department has an online service called "DV Entrant Status Check" which will show the status of your application.

Anyone who is interested in residence in the United States will have green card questions. Take your time researching all your qualifications as well as the steps to apply. Applying for a green card takes time so start well in advance of your planned arrival date.

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