How to Get a Green Card


us-passport4Completely understanding how to get a green card and all the requirements is the most important thing you can do before applying for one. This card is officially called a "United States Permanent Residence Card" and allows people from other countries to apply to live and work in the U.S. A green card brings in talented individuals to the U.S. from border countries, such as Canada, to those from across the ocean, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

The first step in applying for a green card is to check your eligibility. Such eligibility is available for those who have job offers in the U.S. or have relatives who are U.S. citizens or those who are already permanent residents. Each of these categories contains tiered priority. For example, in the family-based category, first priority is given to individuals who are unmarried, over the age of 21 and are the child of a U.S. citizen.

Job-related qualifications for a green card mean that you have employment arranged or an offer for employment in the U.S. If you're a highly skilled worker with "exceptional abilities" such as a professor, researcher or multinational executive, you may be put at the top of the list. The job category is geared towards protecting the U.S. worker so it must be proven that you are taking a position which is not likely to be filled by an existing U.S. citizen.

Refugees or individuals seeking asylum are in a separate category and have special requirements to meet based on their status. Being related to either of these types of persons also is considered and carries particular standards. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service internet site has extensive details on this category.

Once you've confirmed that you do qualify for a green card, the next step is to apply. There are only a limited number of green cards issued each year by the U.S. The process which ensures all qualified applicants are treated equally is known as the U.S. green card lottery. The green card lottery picks from the entire list of submissions per year and picks the "winners" via a computer-generated random sampling. Winners are notified by mail if they are selected, and provided additional instructions such as applicable fees.

To submit your application for a green card, look for the U.S. Diversity Visa Program link on the internet site of the United States Department of State. This green card service is provided by the U.S. to help applicants determine their eligibility, submit an application and later check the status of their application.

Learning how to get a green card can take a bit of research and preparation, but the U.S. government has worked to make the process as simple as possible. All you need to do is be sure to go to the right source, know all the facts and start the application process.

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