International Travel Regulations

us-passport4There are always country specific international travel regulations but the universal regulation is that you have a valid passport. Some countries no longer require a visa to enter their country but there are many that do. Many airlines also have regulations that must be met before you are allowed to board. Plan ahead and check on the regulations that are required for all the places, and means of travel that you plan to use.

CBP: The Customs and Border Protection agency requires that everyone, citizens and visiting travelers, fill out a declaration form prior to entering the United States. Declaration form 6059B is a simple form that provides agents with information about what you are taking or bringing into the country. Other CBP forms may be required. Check with the United States Custom and Border Protection agency or the embassy of the country you are visiting prior to your departure.

Health: Upon arrival in a foreign country you will be met by a customs agent. During this interview you may be required to submit to having your temperature checked or a thorough medical evaluation. Keeping a copy of your immunizations will allow the agents to confirm that you are properly protected from indigenous diseases.

Medications: You must declare any prescription medication upon arrival in a foreign country. Physician prescribed medications must be in their original bottles. Copies of the original prescription and a note from your physician are recommended. Failure to do so could prevent you from entering. Narcotics and medications that are considered addictive may not be allowed without a doctor's note.

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Food: There are only a few non-processed foods that are allowed to be brought into or out of foreign countries. Cheese, vinegars, condiments, tea and coffee are generally allowed as they pose no risk of harboring insects or other contaminants. Meats and products made with meat such as bullion and soup mixes are not permitted.

Pets: If you plan to take your pet with you check the regulations of the country you plan to visit before you leave. Some birds are no longer allowed into America. These include birds that originate from countries with a high number of Avian Influenza H5N1 outbreaks. Many countries have quarantine regulations for all animals. These regulations apply to animal helpers such as seeing-eye dogs and handicap-helper dogs.

Seeds: Some seeds are permitted into and out of the country. Other seeds require authorization to be allowed in. Cuttings, live plants and even handicrafts made with indigenous materials must be declared when entering the United States or a foreign country. Custom agents will determine if the item is permitted.

Soil: Soil contains spores, parasites and other life forms that could decimate another country. No one is allowed to enter another country with soil unless they have applied for and received authorization.

Knowing what the international travel regulations are before you leave your country will go a long way toward a pleasant and enjoyable visit.

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