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us-passport4It is very important that you immediately report a lost or stolen passport. If the passport was stolen, you must report the theft to the local police before you can report the theft to the State Department. If you lose your passport overseas, you must contact the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. If you discover that you have lost your passport and you are inside the United States, you must report this loss to the State Department.

Reporting: When you discover that your passport is lost or stolen, you must report it. The DS-64 form used to report a lost or stolen passport is available online. You may not mail this form. Instead, you must fill it in as completely as possible and presented in person at the Passport Agency or Acceptance Facility. You may be able to apply for a duplicate passport at the same time you submit your lost or stolen passport form. Speak with a representative about this option when you call to arrange to submit your report.

Duplicates: If you have reported your passport as stolen or missing and then find it, you must return it to the State Department. Even if you have not re-applied for a replacement passport, the passport that you reported as missing is no longer valid. You may request that the old passport be returned to you. You will have to pay the return postage. If you do not request this service, the State Department will destroy your old passport.

Replacement: Requesting a replacement passport will require the same documentation that you were required to provide when you applied for your original passport.a photo ID, birth certificate, bank statements, two identical photographs of your head and shoulders and a copy of any important papers. Important papers include marriage licenses, divorce papers, custody papers, and immunization records. Fill out the standard passport application form DS-64 but do not sign it; the passport agent must witness your signature.

Fees: The standard passport fees apply to replacement passports. If you do not require any extra assistance, such as confirmation of citizenship or fingerprinting, you can expect to pay $95 for an adult passport and $85 for a child. Passport cards are not included and cost $20 for both adult and children.

Expedited Service: If you need your passport replaced quickly, you can pay an additional fee to the State Department for expedited service. The fee for expedited service is $60 plus an additional $14.85 for secure overnight delivery. There are private companies that provide rush passport services to individuals. The fees start at $60 and can be as high as $300 depending on how fast you want or need your passport.

Travel Tips: The best way to avoid the problems of a lost or stolen passport is to take some precautions when you travel. Before you leave, make copies of all your documents, passport and visas. Leave these with a trusted friend or relative. If your passport is lost or stolen, you will be able to provide the documentation for replacement quicker. Never leave your passport in your purse, backpack, luggage or briefcase. Always keep your important papers and passport on your person at all times.

Keeping your passport safe while traveling will help you avoid the problems and cost associated with replacing a stolen or lost passport.

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