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us-passport4A lost passport may be costly to replace but with the right knowledge, you can do it quickly and efficiently. Whether your passport has been lost or stolen, the first thing you must do is report it to authorities. If someone steals your passport, you will need to file a police report so that information can be passed on to the passport agency. Passport replacement cannot begin until you have reported your valid passport as missing or stolen.

Reporting: If you are overseas and have your passport stolen or you loose it, you must contact the nearest United States Embassy or consulate. If you are in the United States, you must contact the State Department. The State Department's website lists the telephone numbers and addresses of the United States embassies in countries overseas. This site also provides information on how to begin to replace your passport in the United States.

Forms: DS-64 form is what you use to report a missing or stolen passport. This form must accompany you to the passport agency or facility where you will start the replacement process. Form DS-11 is also required. This is the standard passport application and must be signed and dated. Both forms are available online. A State Department employee must witness your signature, so do not sign or date these forms until you have arrived for your replacement passport appointment.

Documents: Replacing a passport is similar to applying for a regular passport. You must provide the same documentation that you would if you were requesting a new passport. Birth certificates, a photo id of some type, marriage license, divorce papers, child custody papers, vaccination record and social security card. Occasionally, you will need to provide proof of fiscal responsibility; bank statements are usually accepted.

Photographs: Two identical, high quality photographs that measure two by two inches are required for all passports. Some visa applications also require two identical photographs. You can choose to have your picture taken at a passport application facility or take them yourself. Keep an additional set of passport photographs just in case. If you decide to take your own photo be sure that the background is light in color and free of any decorations. The photos must be current and of your head and shoulders only.

Fees: The fees for a lost passport will be the same as a regular passport. Expedition service will be an additional cost. The cost for the State Department's expedited service is $60, and is only available for people in the United States. Overnight delivery is an additional $14.85 cents. Passport fees for adults, paid in advance, are $75 for a passport book only; add another $20 for a passport card. Children under the age of 18 will be charged $85 for a passport book with an additional passport card fee of $25.

Precautions: Before you leave, you can take a few precautions that may help prevent the loss of your passport or make replacing a passport easier. Make copies of all your documents, itinerary, and all the pages in your passport and place them in the care of a trusted individual. In the event that you must replace your passport, the information required will be secure and available at a moment's notice. Keep your important documents and your passport on your person while traveling. Passports kept in purses, briefcases, luggage or backpacks are more vulnerable to being stolen.

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Preventing the loss of your passport may be easier than replacing a lost passport. With a little strategic planning, you might be able to avoid some of the inconvenience of replacing a lost passport.

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