Lost Passport


us-passport4A lost passport does not have to be a tragedy. Should you find that you have lost your passport do not fear, there are steps to replacing it quickly and safely. Planning ahead will allow you to speed up the process and allow your traveling to continue.

Report It: If you lose your passport or it is stolen contact your embassy or consulate immediately. Until you report that you have lost your passport or it was stolen they cannot help you. When you report your passport as missing you will need to provide as much information as possible. By keeping a copy of your passport with a family member or friend you can have all of the information from your passport on hand when you make your initial report.

Application: Obtaining a replacement passport is much like applying for your original passport. You must take copies of the documents you used such as social security card, birth certificate and drivers license with you to the passport agency or Acceptance Facility. If the agency has an international fax machine, your contact person can fax copies of these documents to them.

Expedited Passport Services: Many Passport Agencies and Acceptance Facilities offer expedited services. There are additional fees for this service but many times you can obtain a replacement passport in a few days. Expect to pay $200 U.S. dollars for expedited services in addition to the regular cost of a passport.

Forms: You can download and print the initial forms concerning lost or stolen passports from the State Departments web site. You have to take these filled out forms with you when you apply for your replacement passport. You are not allowed to mail or fax these forms. Additionally, standard passport forms can also be printed out and filled out prior to your visit to a passport agency or facility.

Photos: Just like when you applied for your passport you will need two, 2" x 2" photographs of your head and shoulders. Your application for a replacement passport will not be accepted without them.

A lost passport will not leave you stranded. Take a few precautions that will allow you to enjoy your vacation. Keep your passport on your person while traveling, do not leave your passport in your motel while sightseeing or in your luggage, and leave a copy of your passport with a family member or friend. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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