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malaysiaflagBefore you apply for a Malaysia visa, you should check to see if your country of citizenship means that you must have a visa to enter Malaysia. Many travelers will not need an entry visa. Then some will need additional visas depending on how long they are planning to stay in Malaysia; the longer your stay the better the chance that you will need additional visas.

Visa Exemption: It is surprising how many residents of foreign countries do not require a visa to enter Malaysia. In addition to American citizens, people from Ireland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands are also exempt unless they are to be employed in . The list of countries that are exempt from Malaysian entry visas is quite long. Check with your local embassy or consulate before you submit a visa application.

Travel Visa Requirements: Malaysia has two distinct types of visas. Anyone who is vacationing or sightseeing will require a "Visa without References." The documents required for this type of visa include the completed IMM.47 application form and two photocopies of the form; your original passport plus two photocopies; two passport-sized photographs; your original airline ticket plus two photocopies of arrival and departure tickets; your bank statement and travelers checks; an invitation letter if applicable and your visa fee payment.

Social Visit: If you are visiting relatives, a student, are entering the country for employment reasons, or if you are a dependent of a Malaysian citizen you need a "Visa with References." In addition to the documents listed above, you must also have in your possession an approval letter from the Department of Immigration Malaysia plus two photocopies of the letter. You may need additional reference letters from an employer or some other agency. Check with your local Malaysia Embassy for additional information.

Application Processing: It is possible to obtain a Malaysian visa in one day. Having all the required documentation, forms and photocopies improves your chances of same day approval. You can contact the Department of Immigration, Malaysia at for detailed information on application processing.

Fees: The fee for Malaysian visas is approximately $3. If you are a citizen of India you will be required to pay an additional fee. These fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full when you submit your application.

Visa Extensions: Malaysia visas without reference are valid for one to three months. Extensions are possible. If you need to extend your visa to Malaysia you must contact the Malaysian High Commission. Citizens of the United States may qualify for an additional two months on their visa. Social visit visas are extended only under special circumstances. Some of these include illness, outbreak of war, and accidents. Before consideration, the individual must provide proof of illness, war, accident, and must provide an updated return airline ticket.

Check the long list of countries exempt from Malaysia visa requirements before you apply. You might find that you do not need a visa for Malaysia, just your valid passport.

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