Passport Application Status


us-passport4The time has passed for waiting for a letter regarding your passport application status. With the many options that are available today you are able to track the status of your application from your home or office using a telephone and over the internet from your laptop, computer or internet capable cellular phone.

Applying for your passport: Before you can check the status of your passport application you need to apply. First timers will need to apply with a passport application agency or Acceptance Agency in person. The form DS-11 can be printed out, filled out and taken with you or completed online printed.

What you will need: When you fill out your application, online or hard copy make sure you keep a copy for yourself. The information you will need to check your application will be on that form.

When to Check: Standard passport applications take five to seven business days to be entered into the computer. Once your application is online you can check it by using the website. You will need to enter the information exactly as requested using a specific format for your birth date. You will also need to type your name without using any type of punctuation. If your name uses a comma or an apostrophe do not use it while checking the status of your application online. If you are checking all of your family members' applications the website suggests that you close the browser after checking each one.

How long does it take: Once you have submitted your application the process begins. Routine processing of your passport application takes between four and six weeks. Occasionally, the processing department experiences a flood of applications. When this happens information regarding the expected wait time are listed on the website. Expedited passport service is available to those who are willing to pay the cost. Applications that are expedited take about half the time of regularly process applications.

Potential Problems: Minor problems such as misprinting or unreadable writing are the most common problems when applying for a passport. Occasionally a criminal offense will interfere with someone trying to obtain a passport. Owing back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service can also prohibit your ability to receive a passport. When filling out your application use black indelible ink and print clearly. It is easier to prevent a problem than correct it. Corrections to applications require more forms to be filled out and increase your wait time.

Plan ahead and then relax knowing that checking the status of your passport application has never been easier.

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