Passport Photo Guidelines


passportphoto1All passports include your photo. These are a few passport photo guidelines to make sure your application is not denied.

Take Your Own Photo: Many people today have the ability to take their own passport photos. Computers, digital cameras and photography quality printers allow individuals to take their own passport photos. Digital camera owners can have passport photos printed at many one hour photo stores and self use developing machines. Keep in mind the rules and regulations regarding the type of photos required when making your own.

What to Wear: Keep in mind that you will show your passport to many people. Plain colored fabrics or suits keep the focus on your face and not your clothes. Prescription eyeglasses and hearing aids should be worn for your passport photo. The purpose of this photo is to allow others to recognize you. Hair should be pulled off the face and never wear a hat.

What size do I need: The requirements for a passport photo are two inches by two inches. The picture of your face will need to almost fill that entire area. You will need two photos of the same picture. One will go on your and one will be placed on your passport. The photograph that is placed on your passport will be trimmed to fit in the space allotted for it.

What type of photo: Passport photos should be taken with a white or cream colored background. There should be nothing visible in the background. Doors sometimes provide a good background for passport photos as does the lower half of a wall where decorations are not seen.

Restrictions: Any photo larger than two by two inches will be rejected. The photograph must have been taken recently. It should also look like you do now. If you have colored and cut your hair or grown a beard you will need to update the photo for your passport. Generally speaking passport photos should be no less than six months old. Pictures taken at instant photo booths are not accepted and will be rejected.

Where can I get my passport photo: Passport photographs used to be difficult and time consuming to acquire. Today, many locations provide passport photos at a reasonable cost to the consumer. Many offer one hour development and some will allow you to view your photo before they print it. To find a passport photographer in your area you can look in your phone book, conduct a web search or visit one of the many in store photography studios. Some travel agencies provide this service at no cost to their clients.

By following the passport photo guidelines you will speed up your passport process.

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