Passport Renewal Forms


us-passport4Passport renewal forms help to streamline the application process. has all the renewal forms available online. There are a few forms that require you to sign these them in person at your local Passport Agency but having them filled out prior to your appointment will save you lots of time.

Standard Renewal: Passports that are less than ten years old and were issued after you turned 18 may qualify for renewal by mail. can be filled out online then printed or printed out and filled out using black ink. If you are making your renewal application at a Passport Application Agency, do not sign this form. When you print this form make sure you only use one side of white, standard-sized paper.

Additional Visas: Additional visa applications are available to people renewing their passports. allows people to add visa request when they renew their passports. There is no fee for this service. This service is great for people who may wish to visit additional countries during their travels out of the country.

Name Changes: People who have changed their names because of a marriage, a divorce or legally changing their names in court will need to renew their passports. If it has been less than one year since you have changed your name you can report this change using at no charge. However if more than one year has transpired since your name change you will need to fill out and there will be a fee involved. In the event that you can not document your name change with legal papers, there are steps that can be taken. DS-75 is a witness verification form and requires your witness accompany you to the Application Agency. Before you head for your appointment make sure that you have filled out the . Again do not sign this form as you need an agency employee to witness your signature.

Errors: Mistakes sometimes happen. If a printing error such as a wrong birth date or the spelling of your name happens your passport will be renewed at no cost. You must report this immediately and use . Instructions are included on the form as well as the address.

Special Circumstance: Family emergencies sometimes happen. In cases where a medical emergency requires that you renew your passport immediately expedited services are available. This special service does not require additional forms but do have additional fees. You must discuss your situation with a passport agency employee. Contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 (TYY/TDD 1-888-847-2778) for additional information.

All these can be filled out online and printed at home. This allows you to save time and energy by making corrections before you visit your Passport Agency.

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