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us-passport4There are a few reasons why a person would need a same day passport. Lost passports or passports stolen shortly before you plan to depart the country are the two most common reasons for a same-day passport. Changing your name, renewal of a passport that is close to expiration, additional passport pages, or renewing your child's passport are the most common reasons to need a passport immediately.

Application Forms: Just like applying for a passport, rush passport applications must include the standard application form DS-11 unless the State Department specifically states that you do not need it.

A name change for example would require form DS-82 if it has been more than one year since your passport was approved or DS-5504 if it has been less than one year.

A lost or stolen passport replacement request requires you first report your loss using form DS-64 and then contact the State Department.

Form DS-4085 is required when additional visa pages are needed. Overnight delivery fees must be included when you send in your application forms, passport fees and documentation.

Documentation: The standard documentation required for a first time applicant applies to all expedited requests. Photo identification, marriage licenses, divorce papers, birth certificates will be required. Occasionally, travel itineraries, proof of financial stability, health certificate and immunizations records, as well as a letter from your employer and hotel reservations may be requested.

Photographs: Not all same day passport requests require additional photographs. If required you will need two identical pictures of your head and shoulders. These photos must be two inches by two inches. Contact the State Department before you mail your application for information regarding photographs.

Application Denials: The Department of Human Services receives updates on parents who are behind in child support payments. Individuals who are behind in their child support payments by $2,500 or more will be denied a new passport or renewed passport, and current passports will be revoked. Owing back taxes to the Internal Revenue service may also cause your application to be denied. Some criminal convictions and felonies result in passport denial and the renewal of an existing one.

Rush Passport Agencies: There are rush passport service companies that can assist you in obtaining a passport in 24 hours. These companies require the same information that would be needed if you applied for a passport on your own. In addition to the documents required to start the process, you'll need to sign a waiver allowing them to act on your behalf. These services can expedite passports in as little as 24 hours or up to 12 days. How fast you need your passport will determine what you will be charged. Most agencies charge $300 or more, plus overnight shipping charges and the government fee of $120 for an adult and $95 for a child's passport. Should you decide to cancel your request a processing fee that varies from $50 to $75 dollars will apply.

The State Department has expedited passport services available. However, the State Department does not guarantee 24-hour delivery. In the event that a same day passport is needed, there are many agencies to help you.

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