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jamaicaflagThe European Union treaty allows visitors from 25 countries to travel to Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean, without a Jamaica visa. Other countries whose citizens may visit Jamaica without a visa are the United States, Australia, Canada and Britain; however, the requirements for each country are different.

There are some exceptions to the EU countries. Citizens from Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, and Romania, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia need to obtain a visa for Jamaica. However, those nationals can acquire their visa after their arrival in Jamaica by contacting the local Embassy or Consulate.

People 16 or older from the U.S., Canada, Britain or Australia, traveling to , who do not require a visa, still must have a valid passport. They must also show evidence of their destination, their intent to return home in the form of a return ticket and sufficient funds for their stay. Evidence of sufficient funds can be as simple has a hotel booking and travelers checks.

The documents required to get a Jamaican tourist visa include a valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining and a completed visa application form "J". You will also need two recent photographs and any documents that prove entry requirements for the next destination have been met or return home ticket.

If you are seeking a work visa, you must have proof of a confirmed job offer printed on company letterhead that includes contact information for the employer and the nature of the visit. You must have permission from the Government of Jamaica as well as a valid passport, completed visa application "J" and two recent passport style photographs.

All applicants can apply for a Jamaica tourist visa at a Jamaican High Commission, Jamaican embassy or Consulate. Acquiring a visa to Jamaica can take several weeks, but will usually only take a minimum of 3-4 business days. Passport and visa requirements are liable to change; travelers should check their entry requirements with their embassy or consulate for the most updated information.

If you are going to travel to Jamaica, you should register with the local Embassy or Consulate upon arrival. This will help to provide important services in case of an emergency. It will allow Jamaican officials the ability to locate you in case of a family or personal emergency, offer safety information about the region, issue replacement passports or arrange evacuation transportation in case of a natural disaster or civil unrest during your visit.

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