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us-passport4Travelers to Turkey should plan in advance to obtain a Turkey visa before their visit. Most U.S. citizens traveling abroad are aware of the need to carry a passport, but many countries, such as Turkey, also require a visa. Even those who have diplomatic passports for official business must have an approved visa before they enter Turkey.

A visa is simply a certificate that's added to a current blank page in a valid U.S. passport. This certification verifies that you've met the requirements of the specific country which issued the visa. Turkey has different requirements for entry based on the citizenship of the applicant. For U.S. citizens, Turkey requires a visa for any visit which will last 90 days or longer.

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The most common visas available for Turkey are an entry visa and transit visa. The entry visa is further broken down as either a single entry or a multiple entry. The single-entry visa allows you to stay in Turkey up to 3 months and is restricted to one visit. The multiple-entry visa is designed for those who wish to make multiple 3-month visits and is good for 5 years. It allows an unlimited number of visits during this time period, but each no longer than 3 months.

A transit visa is designed for visitors who will be passing through Turkish territory on the way to another country. The transit visa is only required if the visitor will be staying overnight in Turkey during their travel time. Additionally, cruise ships which dock overnight in Turkey while traveling to another country do not require a visa.

There are several options available to apply for a . Visitors can obtain a 3-month visa sticker for $20.00 at their port of entry. Additionally, a visa application can be submitted in person at a local Turkish Embassy/Consultant General. For U.S. citizens, such embassies exist in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and Miami.

When applying for a visa, you'll need to show a valid passport which will not expire more than 3 months earlier than the end of the visa time period. Complete a visa application form and include a passport sized photograph. The application form can be downloaded from the Turkish Embassy web site. You'll also need something which substantiates the reason for your visit such as a round trip airline ticket, hotel reservation or letter of invitation to Turkey.

Turkey is a country which has much to offer any visitor with its variety of museums, contemporary and ancient art and natural beauty. Applying for a Turkish visa may be a bit of work, but you'll soon believe it was worth it when you gaze upon the beauty of this dynamic and vibrant country.

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