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ukflag1If you are considering a visit to the United Kingdom, you may need to take a look at the UK visa form to see if you need a visitor visa. A visa is not required for every country, however. This article is intended to provide a general overall description of the British visa and how to complete the application form.

You may not understand just what a visa actually is. It's basically just a type of certificate that's added to a blank page on your existing passport. A visa provides approval for entrance to the United Kingdom, as authorized by the Entry Clearance Officer.

One of the most common reasons for needing a visa is if your country is on the list of required visa applicants. Others are lack of a United Kingdom-recognized passport, if you don't have a declared nationality or if your documents don't reflect your nationality.

application form in a number of ways. It's available at a visa application center in your country or at a British diplomatic office, such as a British embassy, consulate or high commission. Check the web site of the United Kingdom Border Agency for a link which helps you search for a center in your area.

Some citizens of foreign countries may be able to submit the . The link on the above referenced web site gives details and lists those that qualify. This is a nice feature if you can utilize it, as you can submit the entire application electronically on a secure site.

Besides a completed application form, there are several documents which you'll want to gather. The most obvious is to have your current and up-to-date passport. You'll also need a new passport photograph, in color, that meets the passport photo standards.

Something relatively new is the need for "biometric" information. This means a digital finger scan of all 10 fingers and a digitally produced photograph. All this can be taken care of at the visa application center. Be sure your fingerprint pads are not injured nor have any kind of stain such as henna, as this will disrupt the digital scan.

Additional documents may be required but this all depends on the type of visa you need and the reason for your visit. Do some research on the United Kingdom Border Agency web site to find out how this applies to your situation.

Fees for a British visa run from a low of 67 pounds to a high of 500 for long term stays. All is dependent on the type of visa, the length of stay and if single or multiple entries is being requested. Since money comparisons change often, check for the most current exchange rate for your home currency values.

Applying for a British visa and completing the UK visa form can take a bit of time, but once you've determined the requirements for your particular situation, you'll find the process is quick and efficient. Enjoy your new visa and explore the wide variety of sights in the United Kingdom.

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