US Green Card Requirements


greencardKnowing the US green card requirements are a must if you want to come to the United States from another country and live permanently. A green card holder is a permanent resident of the United States with all the privileges that accompany it.

A foreign national can apply two ways for a US green card. US green card requirements for each vary and the applicant must decide which method best suits their situation. An applicant can apply via the employment method or the family method, if they possess a family member who is a US citizen.

If applying through the employment method it is worth considering that priority is given to applicants with college degrees, or those individuals who have significantly contributed to the sciences, the arts, business, sports or the field of education.

Published professors, researchers, and those whose peers in their field of expertise recognize them also get precedence. Business managers and executives transferred by their companies internationally are part of this group. Doctors or skilled professionals such nurses, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who are willing to serve at least two years in under-served areas of the United States will also be allowed to apply in this category.

The final group consists of religious workers, special immigrants and individuals who have served the United States government overseas. Once you have verified that you are eligible under this category you can apply. You must have secure employment within the United States and an employer who is willing to sponsor your application.

The alternative application method is through family. In most cases, the family member must be a citizen of the United States and in a position to support you at a level above the poverty line. Family members eligible for this include the husband or wife of a United States citizen, a child over or under 21 years of age, siblings, and parents. They give priority to minor children of the citizen, followed by a spouse then siblings and parents.

Once you have determined which category suits your situation best, contact the US Department of Immigration. They will provide you with all of the necessary documents and a list of application requirements. It may be advisable to contact an immigration attorney to assist you with the process, and to explain the United States green card requirements.

The process can be complicated and arduous. If English is not your first language, it will be even harder to navigate through the process. Legal assistance can save you a great deal of time by assisting you to fill out forms correctly and provide all of the necessary documents. An inaccurate application and missing documents will dramatically lengthen your application period.

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