US Passport Application Form PDF


us-passport4The US Passport Application Form PDF refers to not one, but two separate forms that are used in passport application and processing. Applicants only need to fill in and submit one or the other, depending which category they fall under.

The forms: Both forms are available off the State Department website at, and submissions can be done through the mail or online through the website. Every applicant fills in either the DS-11 or the DS-82, but not both.

DS-11: The DS-11 form is meant for first time applicants and minors, as well as people who have their passports lost, damaged or stolen. The form is more comprehensive than the DS-82, and requires more details than the DS-82. There are a few things to note when submitting the DS-11. In making an application, the DS-11 has to be accompanied by a proof of citizenship, a proof of identification, as well as a passport photograph that follows the guidelines set out by the State Department. The DS-11 form must also go together with a processing fee of US$100 for adults or US$85 for minors under the age of 16. This form can only be submitted in person at a passport agency, and at the point of submission, you must present the original identification that accompanied the application. Upon submission, you will be required to sign to an oath that will be administered.

DS-82: The DS-82 form is the form used in the renewal of passports. A checklist is available on the front page of the application to ensure that you are using the correct form, but in general, if you are not a minor or a first time applicant, then this form is for you. Together with the completed form, you should include your previous passport or passport card, a photocopy of your marriage certificate or court order if your name has changed, as well as two passport photographs. The fee for passport renewal is US$75, and is only available for adults. Minors must use US-11 regardless of whether they wish to apply or renew the passport.

Things to note: With the paper version of both forms, black ink needs to be used with legible handwriting. It is also important to provide a valid mailing address as your passport will be mailed directly to you. Also take care not to send any cash through the mail. Finally, it is recommended that you track the mailing of your application as it contains personal information.

Using the US Passport Application Forms can be really easy. Once the application is complete, you can check the status of your application off the State Department website. Passport applications and renewals are subject to delays, so be sure to apply early in order to prevent ruining your perfect vacation plans!

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