USA Passport Requirements


us-passport4USA Passport Requirements are necessary to ensure that you are able to have the necessary documentation to travel abroad. The documentation required prevents criminals from escaping prosecution by leaving the country. While the list may seem a bit long you probably already have most of them on hand.

Application Forms: In order to apply for a passport you must fill out, but not sign, the . This form is available online from the State Department. You can choose to fill out this form online then print it out. This method is preferred to filling it out by hand. Illegible handwriting and complicated names may cause applications to be denied. If you will fill out the form online then print it on your home printer, you will eliminate these problems.

Documentation: Everyone who applies for a passport must provide documents that provide proof of their citizenship and age. Birth certificates and photo identification are also required. Photo IDs can be military, state issued or a driver's license. Individuals who are applying for a work-related passport may be asked to provide their employee identification card or badge.

A parent who is applying for a child's passport must provide a marriage license. Divorced parents must provide divorce and custody papers and both must be present.

You must provide copies of documentation at the application interview. These copies will be certified during this interview and your originals returned. If you are applying by mail, include originals and copies of your documents. It is important to use a traceable type of delivery. FedEx, UPS and signature confirmation through the USPS are recommended.

Photographs: Photographs are required for every passport. The photos need to be two inches tall and two inches wide. Some passport facilities provide this service; when making your appointment you might ask if this service is available. You can make your own using a digital camera, printer and photography paper. Passport photos are required to be of your shoulders and head only. Do not wear a hat. The background must be blank and light in color. In-store studios and one-hour photo locations provide passport photos.

Passport Application Locations: The State Department allows local government and civilian locations to provide passport services. In smaller towns, the U.S. Post Office and libraries provide application services. You can find a passport application facility by logging on to the State Departments web site and clicking on Agency Locations. Travel agents may provide passport and expedition services for an additional fee.

Certificates of Health: When traveling abroad many countries require a certificate of health. A statement from your doctor or health department should be included. A list of required or recommended inoculations is available on the State Departments web site.

Fees: Standard passport application fees are non-refundable even if you are denied a passport. The fee of $120 includes the application and execution fee. Passports for children are $90. If you are unable to provide proof of your citizenship a $60 fee will be charged.

Being prepared with all the USA Passport Requirements will ensure your interview will be successful.

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