Where to Get a Passport


us-passport4As travel regulations are increasing, the question of where to get a passport is becoming more and more common. If you are getting ready to travel internationally and find yourself wondering where to turn, you are not alone. Many people have this same question when they are faced with the situation of obtaining a passport.

In order to apply for a passport, you will need to gather all of your documents and take them to a passport agency or a passport acceptance center. The documents you need are the (which can be printed online), photo I.D., proof of citizenship, and 2 regulation passport photos.

U.S. Passport Agencies, unfortunately, are few and far between. They are located only in the following major cities: New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Honolulu, Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, and Washington D.C.

Fortunately, if you do not live near one of these large cities, there is no need to travel hundreds of miles to submit your application. You can simply visit a in your area. The easiest way to find a center near you is to log onto the , where a simple search engine will help you locate it.

When you visit the website to start your search, you will be asked to enter some basic information, such as your city, state, and zip code, and the greatest distance that you are willing to travel. You will also have the option to search for facilities that are handicap accessible or have on-site passport photo centers.

Once you click the "search" button, you will be taken to a list of places where you can submit your passport application materials. The locations that come up in the search will most often be government offices, such as post offices, libraries, and clerks of court that are located within your search area.

If you prefer, another options is to go to the website for the United States Postal Service. There is also a search engine there, which will give you the name and address of every post office in the United States that accepts passport applications.

If you need to obtain your passport quickly, you have that option as well; however, you will be required to appear at one of the passport agencies that are listed above. You will need an appointment, and you will have to follow all of the regular procedures for a passport application. There is an additional fee for this expedited service.

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